April’s BirchBox


A first blog post is a tricky combination of writing for yourself, who you know, and writing for, in theory, the world, who matter-of-factly you don’t. I’ve already overused commas and probably re worded the title of this post 10x in attempt to settle the anxiety that writing for a judgemental and experienced audience who, at the point of writing this, aren’t even aware they will read this post.. Ok Jess way to philosophical.

Now to Aprils Birch Box, The whole driving factor in writing this post.

Excusing the atrocious flat lay, that I took once and thought sod it, this is the contents of the BirchBox I received this month.


At the very beginning of May, I jetted of for a early summer holiday to Greece, finding this the perfect opportunity to vigorously test out these products, daily, without the home pressures of just using my classic ‘everyday’ products.

Collectively I really enjoyed using these products whilst away, at the moment though I’m not sure whether any of them will be making a permanent appearance in my makeup/ skincare collection.

This is the first BirchBox I have received and although this box hasn’t made me fall in love with any new products or brands I still have faith that this way of testing out new brands will eventually persuade me to leave my comfort zones.

The Nip Fab is really not a colour I need to use to balance out my skin tone but, other than that I have really enjoyed trying out these new products. I think if BirchBox used brands that where much more readily available in the UK it might be a more beneficial service but the concept is really well thought about and is such a good way for new companies products to get out there.

Jessica Harriet


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