Doubting success 


A blog is essentially the best or most interesting parts of a persons life. A platform to share you passions and chat endlessly to other fanatics with similar interests but, already, I’m finding it hard. Juggling a full time job where I can easily end up working 7 days straight, with having a socail life is already a chore. The demand and hold the online world has over you to post a picture after so many days or weeks on Instagram, tweet some sarcastic or relatable remark on twitter or in this situation write a blog post before people get bored and no longer want to know you.. Ok over dramatic but thats basically the whole thinking behind it.

I work to make a living, I’ve written one blog post excluding this one and I’ve began to wonder how any one starts a successful blog. But its one of those classics is not quantity is quality, I could bang out a blog post a week but they would become boring, repetitive and just not worth reading. You might follow one blog that has 200 posts and they may be a light or interesting read but the story of how they’ve managed to gather the time to write something worth reading, take pictures that draw someone in and get the products, outfit or experience that is the focus point of the post takes the ability and drive to get there in the first place. No one worth reading has 0 life experience its learning and undertstanding that makes someone interesting. Not that they have every too faced product released or a walk in wardrobe the size of my bedroom its having the language and personality to be able to write and thats why some people become to popular, and you will see that the majority of people who blog, VLOG, or make videos have come from nothing, working as a living not living off endorsements, advertisements or mummy and daddy from the beginning.

That is my drive to keep going the people who, to me, are worth reading have managed to balance and that is my aim. To write a post when I can and when, its something I’m proud of, not because I think that people will be bored and not like me because I haven’t posted in almost a month so I throw a short little post together about my favourite films because I think you remotely care about my top 5 films all of which would probably be rather cliché.

Jessica Harriet


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