I’m Jess and I’m 18 ‘years young’. I am a enthusiast of all things beauty and fashion related and a huge travel fanatic due to me being told constantly “You’re only young once you know” and not wanting to be stuck with regrets when I’m 50. Interior design is another passion I have, proven by the 11 beds I have had in 18 years…

Im also very philosophical as you may begin to see when I write more, stretching my mind as far as it will go into reasons why we do things and how we are who we are.

I have a love for new and exciting things and have passion for writing, expressing myself  through a platform where I can find like minded people was a real drive for me to start this blog. An on-line diary written by me, essentially for me, by creating or using a platform to express and debate about my passions.

Now I’ve bored you with an introduction, “av a click nd leave a comment”

Jessica Harriet